FAGUS Rough Production Planning

Rough planning is the first step in the planning process within FAGUS Paper.
The aim is to get an overview of the assignment by assigning orders to production cycles of the paper machine (s).

Through high-performance planning algorithms, requests can be processed quickly and deadlines can be met.

The rough planning is based on the performance parameters of the machines and the planned production sequence.
FAGUS Paper allows you to define standard production plans that can easily extend the schedule on the timeline.

Based on the production sequence and performance parameters, we calculate production quantities and completion dates, which are the basis for the order allocation.

FAGUS Paper offers standardized data structures and planning modules that can be adapted to your individual production and planning situation with little effort.

Your advantages with FAGUS Paper

  • Reliable planning …
    … through the current availability of all information within automated planning processes
  • Short reaction times …
    … by fast recognition of the actual situation and simple operation
  • Total cost minimization …
    … through the automation of planning processes and optimal machine utilization