The reduction of waste in the finishing process is one of the biggest cost reduction potentials of a paper or board mill.

Together with our customers, we are constantly working on improvements to make the most of this potential.

The result is an optimization system for reel and sheet orders, which focuses on the planner, optimally supported by our software.
For several years  we have been following a new path in the field of waste optimization systems
Based on the experience our customers have gained.

Whereas by now the focus was solely on the blend, which resulted from the tambour to the shipment across all stages, since then different targets have come to the fore due to the order situation or product variety.
These are valued at cost, so the target size of the optimization process is the minimum cost.

A look at our user-interface:

Step 1 – Orders to be trimmed:

Step 2 – Based on cost assessed results:

Step 3 – View Pattern – Manual Adjustments – release to finishing department